Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers.  Please contact us directly if you are not able to find an answer here!

 When does registration begin?

  • We begin accepting camper registration forms at 9am on March 6th.  If a parent is volunteering to work at camp, we accept registration forms starting January 2nd.

Is there a registration deadline?

  • Yes, we close registration when we receive 200 applications.  There are times when specific grade levels will be closed before we reach the maximum number we can accommodate.  After that number is reached, we keep a waiting list.

Does my daughter have to be a Girl Scout to attend Camp Camellia Rose?

Do I have to be a registered Girl Scout to volunteer to work at camp?
  • Yes, all volunteers are now required to be registered volunteers with an approved background check on file with GS council.

What are the camp fees?

  • $120/Daisy, Brownie or Junior  –  1st to 5th grade
  • $145/Cadette – going into the 6th grade or older (this includes the camp fee, overnight fee and overnight t-shirt)


$55/child if a parent is volunteering to work the full week of camp (an additional $25 will be charged for older girls attending the overnight)

Do you offer a refund if my daughter is not able to attend?

  • A full refund will be given if we are notified before April 1st.  A refund of 50% will be given if we are notified between April 1st and May 1st.  No refunds will be given after May 1st.

Where do I register and pay for camp?

  • Follow the links on this site to the registration forms.

Can I hand deliver my registration forms?

  • NO, all registration forms must be completed electronically.  If you do not have access to a computer, please contact our Camp Registrar at

When trying to pay for my camper, I keep getting a message that says the shopping cart is empty.  What do I do?

  • You should use either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to complete the registration process.  The PayPal system is not compatible with Firefox and will not allow you to complete payment.

Is there financial aid available to cover camp fee?

  • Yes. Financial Aid may be requested within the general registration form.  A minimum deposit of one-half the camp fee is required by Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, and is paid at time of registration.  The camp business manager will send you a financial assistance form for Council. Once Council has processed all requests, you will be informed if there is a balance due. Please email if you wish to submit a larger deposit for your camper(s).

On the registration form, it asks for my child’s grade.  Do you mean the grade she is attending right now or the grade she will be in next year?

  • We are looking for the grade she will be in next year – since our camp happens after the school year is completed.  It is very important to make sure that you put next year’s grade on the form so that your daughter is placed in the correct camp unit.

What does “Rising” mean with regard to grade level?

  • It means the grade that the child will be going into.  For example, if she is in the 2nd grade right now, in the summer she will be considered a “rising 3rd grader”.  Camp units are formed using the campers’ “rising grade” level.

Why are there boys and young children (Tag-A-Longs) at a Girl Scout camp?

  • Our camp is staffed by volunteers and we understand that they may have other children besides their Girl Scouts.  We have these additional units to accommodate these volunteers.
What are the guidelines for the Tag-A-Long unit?
  • Tag-A-Longs are younger children that belong to camp staff.  They are required to be at least 3 years old and potty trained.  Girls remain Tag-A-Longs until they are entering 1st grade and boys remain Tag-A-Longs until they are entering the 2nd grade.

Can my daughter attend camp with a friend?

  • Yes, the registration form asks for the name of a “Camp Buddy”.  Both girls must put each other’s names on the forms.  We make every effort to make sure that the girls are placed in the same unit.

Can my daughter be placed in a unit with a friend who is not going into the same grade?

  • Yes, but both girls would be placed in the lower-grade unit.  For example – if your daughter was going into the 2nd grade and her friend was going into the 1st, both girls would be placed in a 1st grade unit.

How will I know if my daughter got accepted to camp?

  • You will receive an Acceptance Letter  via email by the beginning of April which will provide details about camp and give you the date for the Parent Meeting.
What do I do if I’m late dropping my daughter off at carpool?
  • Our carpool line at Payne Campgrounds closes around 9:00am.  If you arrive after that, you will have to take your camper directly to our camp location – Wildlife Action.  Follow the gravel road to parking area.  Park and walk camper to main lodge/camp office for check-in. Please do not drop off your daughter without going to the main lodge/camp office.
Can my daughter still attend camp if she applied for, but didn’t get a CAT position?
  • Absolutely!!  We have a unit for girls who are going into the 8th/9th grade.  They will participate in all camp activities and perhaps enjoy a special activity for their unit.
Can my 9th-12th grader still come to camp even if she does not wish to become a CAT?
  • As stated above – Absolutely!!  We have a unit for girls who are going in high school.  They will participate in all camp activities and perhaps enjoy a special activity for their unit.
Why can’t you release campers by unit during afternoon carpool?  Why does it take so long to do afternoon carpool?
  • Moving 200 campers safely across the water with two boats takes a while.  We cannot release the campers by level or unit since many girls are traveling with siblings or others who are in different units.  If you are picking up more than one camper (siblings 0r car pool buddies), remind them to look for each other before they get on the boats, and to ride across the lake together.  Understand that we want to give the girls the most full day possible, so our release process does not start on the camp side until very close to 3pm.We highly suggest that those parents/guardians doing afternoon pick up  arrive at carpool after 3:15, bring a book and a bottle of water and plan to relax for a little bit while we bring the campers across.

What do I do if I need to pick my daughter up early, before carpool begins?

  • If possible, please make sure that her Unit Leader is aware of the early pick up by sending in a note or email.  An adult (with picture ID) must come to the camp office at Wildlife Action to check your daughter out.  A staff member will get her and bring her to the camp office.  Please do not go get your daughter yourself, even if you pass her along the way to the camp office.

Do I need to come to the Parent Meeting?

  • There are two answers to this question – Yes, if this is your first experience with Camp Camellia Rose.  It is important for parents and campers to attend this meeting in order to meet the Unit Leaders, get camp shirt/bandanna, fill out any missing paperwork and learn any new camp information. No, if you are a returning parent.  If that is the case, you can attend the Returning Parent Drive-Thru and pick up your camper’s materials.  EITHER WAY –  If you do not attend one or the other of our Parent Meetings, it will be your responsibility to contact your camper’s Unit Leader to get all the necessary materials prior to the first day of camp.

How do I get information about volunteering to work at camp?