CAT Information

As most of you know, our older girls at camp are called CATs, short for Camp Assistants.  All of our CATs have been attending CCR for many years, have taken their CAT training and have earned many, many volunteer hours.  Each year we only have room for a total of 32 CATs and they work hard every day making sure that the campers have a wonderful experience.  Most of our campers have their sights set on being a CAT one day.

In the past,  a girl’s CAT experience started when she was an R8, and our numbers worked where we were able accept every girl who applied while maintaining our 32 CAT limit.  However, as our camp has grown, we noticed that we were retaining larger and larger numbers of older girls.  Our unit sizes, especially for R5, R6 and R7, were increasing and we realized that we would come to a point where we would no longer be able to accept every girl who applied for a CAT position.

We reached that point in 2017 – where we had a total of 41 girls apply for 32 slots.  We were able to use the system that has been in place for many years to make some tough decisions.  Moving forward, we will continue to use this system.

Below is an outline of our CAT application and evaluation process.

* We accept and evaluate applications from RETURNING CATS first (application goes live on site on January 2nd)

* If there is space, we accept and evaluate applications from girls R9+ next (application is emailed directly)

* If there is space, we accept and evaluate applications from R8 (application is emailed directly)

We will notify all applicants by the beginning of February to let them know if they have been given a CAT position or not.  If an applicant does not get a CAT position, she is welcome and encouraged to attend camp in our R8+ unit.

Here is the rubric that is used to evaluate all applications*:

GS Awards No
(0 points)
In progress
(1 point)
(2 points)
Total Score


Additional Trainings 1 point 1 point 1 point Total Score
Outdoor Trainings        
Childcare Trainings        
First Aid Trainings        


For additional consideration: 1 point 2 points 3 points Total Score
Previous years at CCR  1-3 years 4-6 years 7-8+ years  
Grade  9th 10th 11th/12th  
Final Score:        


*The essays on the application will be used as tiebreakers. We also consider evaluations from previous unit leaders.

In the rubric above, additional trainings include any type of class a camper has taken to improve her skills – these include first aid and CPR classes, babysitting classes, fire building, archery, canoeing. These could have been taken at a Girl Scout camp or through a school or church.

Please note – having a parent volunteer at camp IS NOT taken into consideration when making the selection, and that the people reading the applications are not given the applicants’ names – so they are evaluated anonymously.

If a girl does not get a CAT position, we encourage her to keep attending CCR.  We will continue to make our camp as exciting and fun as it has always been.  We’re adding new things every year, especially for our older campers, that will really keep them engaged and challenged.  We will also continue to offer them opportunities to lead and learn by giving them additional experiences that will help them develop their leadership skills and abilities.

If you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact our CAT Coordinator, Kristen Moran, at