Carpool Information


Campers will be escorted to and from camp via a pontoon boat from a dock at the Payne Camp Ground.

Driving Directions to Payne Campground:

Take I-575 to Towne Lake Pkwy Exit 8.  At end of ramp, turn west onto Towne Lake Pkwy.  At the McDonald’s, continue straight through this intersection where the road becomes Eagle Drive.  Follow Eagle Drive till road ends at Bells Ferry Rd.  Turn Right onto Bells Ferry. Go to next traffic light and turn left onto Kellogg Creek Rd.  You will proceed about 1¼ mile on Kellogg Creek Rd to Payne Campground entrance.

About a week before camp, you will receive a parking pass via email.  This is your pass to get through the gate at Payne Camp Ground.  Please place it in the lower right hand corner of your windshield.  Be sure to slow down at the gate.  We rely on Army Corps. permission to use their parking area.

Please be sure to display your parking pass in the lower right windshield or you will have to pay $2 to enter the campground.

After the guard booth, make a left and follow the road into the parking area.  You will see a white sign board that indicates the parking lanes.  PLEASE DO NOT GO ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE BOAT DOCK. OUR CARPOOL AREA IS THE UPPER PARKING LOT. Please park in the middle row of lot and do not get out of your cars to walk the girls across.  A camp staff member will come and get your camper.

Please be courteous and patient and follow the directions of the carpool volunteers so that our campers will be able to safely and efficiently exit vehicles.  Parents should not exit their vehicles.

Carpool times:
MORNINGS – 8:45 am to 9:00am
MONDAY – THURSDAY AFTERNOONS – 3:30pm to approximately 3:45pm (until every camper has been picked up)    FRIDAY AFTERNOON – 1:15pm to approximately 1:40pm (until every camper has been picked up)


When entering and exiting Payne Campground, please do not talk on cell phones and mind the park’s posted speed limits.  Again, we are using this property with the Army Corps permission and do not want to do anything to harm our ongoing relationship.

Please be patient, especially during afternoon carpool.  Understand that we want to give the girls the most full day possible, so our release process does not start on the camp side until very close to 3pm.   Moving 200 campers safely across the water with two boats takes a while.

Also note that we cannot release the campers by level or unit since many girls are traveling with siblings or others who are in different units.  If you are picking up more than one camper (siblings 0r car pool buddies), remind them to look for each other before they get on the boats, and to ride across the lake together.

We highly suggest that those parents/guardians doing afternoon pick up bring a book and a bottle of water and plan to relax for a little bit while we bring the campers across.

Directions for late check in

If you arrive after 9:00am, carpool will be over.  Instead of going to Payne Camp Ground, you will have to take your camper directly to camp.  After turning onto Kellogg Creek, please go approximately one mile and turn left into Wildlife Action Camp Ground.  The camp sign is a canoe.  Follow gravel road to parking area.  Park and walk camper to main lodge/camp office for check-in. Please do not drop off your daughter without going to the main lodge/camp office.

For early checkout only

If your camper needs to leave early, please make sure that her Unit Leader is aware that your camper will be checking out early either via an email or a note.  An adult (with picture ID) must come to the camp office at Wildlife Action to check her out.  (Directions – After turning onto Kellogg Creek, please go approximately one mile and turn left into Wildlife Action Camp Ground.  The camp sign is a canoe.  Follow gravel road to parking area and go to main lodge.)

Your daughter should not bring valuables, electronics, cell phones or money to camp; there is no place to secure them and Day Camp cannot be responsible for any lost items.  We ask that any medication your child needs be taken at home before she leaves for camp.  If this is not possible, you must fill out a Dispensing Medication form and have a discussion with our Health Supervisor, Margaret Salle-Dawson.  For serious medical issues, please contact Vanessa Miller before camp starts at 478-957-2179