Camp Medical Protocol

Please be aware of the guidelines we follow with regard to medical and health related issues at Camp Camellia Rose. If you have any questions about the information below, please feel free to email our Camp Directors, Jen Curtis and Vanessa Miller, at, or our Health
Supervisor, Margaret Salle-Dawson, at

  • Only medications which must be administered on a strict schedule, and as those needed for rescue or emergencies, will be administered at camp. This includes epi-pens, insulin, seizure medication and inhalers. All other medications should be taken at home either before or after attending camp for the day. The only exception is for campers R6 and above staying for the overnight. For more information regarding the procedure for the overnight, please refer to the overnight permission slip.
  • If you are called to pick your daughter up for any reason (fever over 99.4 with two temps taken 20 minutes apart; vomiting; homesickness which persists for 2 hours into activities; or headache not relived with 30 minutes of rest), you agree to sign your daughter out and leave the property promptly. Due to space limitations and health related issues, you must arrive within one hour.
  • Camper must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to camp.
  • Camper must not have vomited for 24 hours before returning to camp.
  • If a camper is found to have lice, she will be sent home. Camper can not return to camp unless she presents a letter from a doctor, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant or a certified lice-removal specialist and then is check by the camp staff to confirm that she is lice and nit free.

Here is a video that we suggest following with regard to lice prevention and lice treatment before, during and after camp, as well as throughout the school year:

  • No refund will be given if camper does not return to camp.